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While removable aligner treatment is attractive to people who prefer an "invisible solution," many cases require a high level of control that only fixed appliances can provide. With the STb Light Lingual System, you no longer need to worry about removing and/or losing appliances, thus interrupting treatment.

A first in lingual orthodontics, STb utilizes a new passive self-ligation design for dramatically reduced friction and lighter forces, thus accelerating treatment. Low profile brackets provides maximum comfort, with people regaining proper pronunciation within just a few days.

The STb system combines maximum control and complete invisibility, making it the ideal aesthetic solution for many patients. Exceptional quality, efficiency, simplicity and comfort. You can have it ALL with the STb System.

Before and After STb Light Lingual cases
Treatment time: 3 months with 1 wire change
    Upper and lower arch shown

Treatment time: 8 months with 2 wire changes
     Upper and lower arch shown

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